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Registration for the 37th Stanford Invitational High School Tournament is now available - see here for details!


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SDS Executive Board 2022-23

The five member student Executive Board is responsible for running and overseeing all aspects of the Stanford Debate Society. 

President: Vivian Jiahui Zhu

Vivian is a senior majoring in International Relations and East Asian Studies with a minor in Economics. Born in China and growing up in Australia, she enjoys thinking about the geopolitical dynamics of the Asia-Pacific and the cultures of East Asia. Outside of debate, Vivian spends time learning languages, cooking, taking and editing photos, and watching European football. 


Vice President, Finance | Chief Financial Officer: Senkai Hsia

Senkai is a junior double majoring in Mechanical Engineering and International Relations. Having a complicated life story, he describes himself as a proud Londoner, and is recovering from several years of British Parliamentary on the UK schools circuit. Outside of debating, Senkai plays tennis, enjoys rewatching Star Trek and laments at the continued struggles of his beloved Manchester United F.C.


Vice President, Membership: Karen Hyunbee Cho

Karen Cho is a junior majoring in Political Science with a minor in Human Rights. Her hometown is in Seoul, South Korea but she has also spent a large part of her childhood in Southern California. Previously on the WSDC circuit and now BP, she loves the interpersonal aspect of debating that allows her to meet lots of diverse and interesting people. In her free time, she likes to watch crime thrillers, play the violin, and go exploring in the city.

Vice President, Tournaments | SSE Tournament Managing Director: Sajid Farook

Sajid is a junior majoring in Political Science. Born in New Jersey, he grew up in multiple cities across Southeast Asia, where he was first introduced to debate in the World Schools format. Besides debate, his hobbies include playing tennis, chess, cooking, watching soccer, and reading about religious philosophy and ethics.


Vice President, External Affairs: Anastasiia Malenko

Anastasiia Malenko is a senior from Ukraine majoring in political science and economics. She joined the Debate Society freshman year and served as the social chair her sophomore year. Anastasiia also leads the Ukrainian Student Association and writes for The Stanford Daily. In her free time, she loves traveling and catching up on book and coffee recommendations


SDS Operations Team 2022-23

The SDS Operations team members support the Executive board in running the team. 

Chiefs of Staff: Amy Chang & Phil Chabaneix

Amy is a sophomore interested computer science and international relations. She is a San Francisco native and has debated in the past with the City College of San Francisco in NPDA and IPDA formats. In addition to debate, she enjoys her work as a graphic designer for various other student organizations. Outside of work, Amy enjoys decorating, video games, and binging shows.


Phil is a sophomore from Lima, Peru, majoring in Economics. Beyond debate, he enjoys traveling, current affairs, political TV shows, historical fiction, and volleyball.



Associate Financial Officer: Joseph Kim

Joseph is a junior studying Economics and Data Science. Born in Canada, he has lived in South Korea for most of his life, where he debated for Team Korea in WSDC. Besides debating, Joseph enjoyed working out at a gym, playing fingerstyle guitar, watching superhero films, and most importantly, eating lots of good food! 



Community Manager: Muhammad Dhafer 

Muhammad Dhafer is a sophomore from Singapore. He debated in World Schools and British Parliamentary circuits before joining SDS. Outside debate, he likes reading about urban transit systems, architecture and product design. In his free time, he enjoys visiting galleries and museums, finding historical fiction, watching F1 and period dramas.



Director of Travel Operations: Lauren Salaz