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Results 2021-22

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2021-22 Competitive Season Highlights

The 2021-22 competitive season was marked by the majority of it being held online due to Stanford administrative restrictions on travel, and until Winter, the majority of the global debating circuit transitioning to online tournaments. As a result, SDS transitioned to holding more on campus debating events and internal practices given the time zone differences were often prohibitive for debaters. Nevertheless, SDS debaters enjoyed considerable successes and Several novices also took part in debating online for the first time in the fall despite the severe time zone differences to European based tournaments. Successes included:

● Elizabeth Zhu and Phil Neix breaking to quarter finals at the North American Novices.

● Tejas Subramaniam who broke to open Quarter Finals at Yale IV.

● Enshia Li and Tejas Subramaniam for breaking to Silver finals at the Ukraine Charity Tournament.

● Tejas Subramaniam broke to open final at Duke’s Open. Tejas was also best speaker at this tournament.

● Tejas Subramaniam championed at the Cornell Novice Nationals. Tejas was also best speaker at this tournament.

● Tejas Subramaniam semi-finaled at the Leiden Open. Tejas was also 6th best speaker.

● Tejas Subramaniam was the 3rd best Novice speaker at the Dartmouth APDA tournament.

● Phil Chabennix and Parthav Shergill who were a point off from breaking as novices at HWS IV.

● Tejas Subramaniam was best speaker, finalist, and broke first at JHU Open (Johns Hopkins University).

● Tejas Subramaniam was second best speaker at the Chicago Open, where he also broke to the quarterfinals.

SDS also held 5 public on-campus debate events including on federal education policy. Finally, 20 members of the team were able to travel to New Haven for a two-day tournament against the Yale Debate Association which was the first opportunity for members this year to experience debating in person. We also were glad it enabled many of the graduating seniors a final opportunity to travel with the team and to pass on their experience to the novices.